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"So what is BEST, anyway?!"  We're glad you asked! 

For starters, BEST stands for Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology.  Summarizing all of what BEST is would not be possible in a single paragraph, but at its core BEST is a FREE robotics competition for middle and high school students.  As a local BEST hub, we at Heartland BEST provide stock materials, electronics & R/C equipment and the game rules (which change each year) to student teams in our area at no cost.  If you are thinking of forming a team or just curious about the program, contact us!  We'd be more than happy to share what BEST could offer you, your students, and your school!


Event Dates for Heartland BEST 2017: (Tentative)

Event Date Location
Kickoff Saturday, September 16  NWOSU--Alva Campus
Practice Day October 14 Alva Recreation Complex
Game Day Saturday, October 28 Alva Recreation Complex
Frontier Trails BEST December 2-3 (setup on Dec 1) Ft. Smith, Arkansas




Teams Registered for Heartland BEST 2017: (listed alphabetically)

Kit # School Level Coach Going for BEST Award?
? Aline-Cleo HS Ken Carmack ?
? Alva HS April Ridgway ?
? Burlington HS Jennifer Newlin ?
? Cache HS Paul Rennels ?
? Cheyenne HS Elizabeth Henthorn ?
? Deer Creek HS Jacob Cortesio ?
? Geary HS Cody McPherson ?
? Lawton Academy of Arts & Sciences HS Michelle Smith ?
? Leedey HS Carrie Ward ?
? OKC Homeschool HS Stuart Boyes ?
? Oklahoma Christian Academy HS Sallie Sells ?
? Perry MS Jeff Zagar ?
? Pratt HS Heath Sharp ?
? Shattuck HS Robin Coleman ?
? Wynona HS David Powell ?

Our capacity is 20 teams and registrations will be processed in the order received.  If more than 20 teams register, then we will create a waiting list.


BEST is on Facebook!

If you're a member of Facebook, search for BEST in groups.



You really have to see this!  Giant autonomous flying robotic penguins!!  Do you think your experiences with BEST could help prepare you for a career at a company like this one in the future?  We say YES!!!  In fact, one of NWOSU's students (now an engineering student at OSU), built a remote controlled helium balloon as part of an engineering project here at NWOSU.  It is not as easy as you might think: the typical motor only generates enough lift to lift itself. . .


Bored in the BEST Off Season???  Already mastered Wii Sports Golf and looking for a new challenge?  Why not practice modeling in 3D with Google SketchUp at home?  It's free, it's fun and it'll get you ready for using CAD software in the upcoming season's 6-week long frenzy!  You could help your Dad design a new fence or create a template of your bedroom to better plan how to arrange/store your stuff!  See how easy it is to create a 3D robot here and watch this for a longer robot building tutorial.


What are people saying about BEST?


ConocoPhillips Representative (Sponsor of BEST)

Lawton Academy of Arts and Science HS Coach

Cheyenne HS Coach

Pratt HS Student

Shattuck HS Student


Sounds of BEST; Hear the excitement!

27 seconds of game time at HL BEST

21.6 seconds of game time at FT BEST

". . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . "



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