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Event Pictures:

2006 Laundry Quandary FT BEST Regional Competition
2006 Laundry Quandary HL BEST Game Day
2006 Laundry Quandary HL BEST Kickoff to Mall Day pictures.
2005 Mission to Hubble From HL BEST Game Day to FT BEST Game Day


Button and Webpage Artwork: (for those who like to reminisce!)

Standard Logos:

2006: Laundry Quandary

2005: Mission to Hubble
2004: BEST Fever


2003: Transfusion Confusion
2002: Warp X
Artwork design credits go to BRI (2002 GD); Angelia Case (2002 KO & GD, 2003 KO); Amber Maier (2004 KO, standard logo); Steven Maier (2003 GD, 2004 GD, 2005). NASA (2005), Photo credits go to Ty Hubanks (2002 KO, 2003 KO, 2004 KO); Amber Maier (2003 KO, 2004 KO)