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2006 Photo Gallery (Laundry Quandary: Game Day)


From the Stands

Game Day is always exciting. From the stands you can see a flurry of activity on the floor (and in the stands!).

Let the Games Begin!

And a full day of three minute rounds of head to head competition between four robots commences!

Peace and Quiet?

Not today!

Scissor Lift

Up up and away!

Raising a Flag?

No, this team is not surrendering!

Similarities & Differences

Constructions of robots might be similar, but strategies varied significantly this year.


There simply isn't a place for a lack of enthusiasm in this arena!

Cottoneye Joe!

No festive event should be without the Cottoneye Joe!


This coach remains committed to his teaching responsibilities by grading during down time!

Game Day DJ's

DJ's are always popular with the crowd . . . even more so when they're giving away prizes!


This guy was pretty good! Each team marches to a different beat. Some have mascots, musical instruments, cheerleaders, spirit sections, or combinations thereof.

The Pit Area

Each team has a table in the Pit Area. Along the back wall is a row of tables for charging batteries and soldering. Construction is only permitted at the Kit Pit table.

The Kit Pit

Robot repairs and part replacements take place here.

Pit Table Decor

Fairview HS had a great way of showing others where they were and what they're about.

Pit Chatter

There's discussion and a lot of activity going on at this table. Don't you just love the curved bumper of the robot?

Stillwater's Pit Table

Stillwater won The Asimov Award for producing an efficient, reliable, and safe robot.

Are we up yet?

Here's a team patiently awaiting their next match. See the proud coach in the back?

Good Idea!

This team had a porched assembled for practice in the Pit Area.

Pretty Bot!

This robot (Fairview MS) won the Most Photogenic Award.


"Let's see--you hold there while I push here . . ."

Pit Area

One final look at the Pit Area as the finals approach.


What a great way to show spirit and keep the crowd entertained! Don't look at the rotating spiral for too long . . .

Robot Shrapnel

In the Kit Pit, teams are allowed to modify their robots using tools. Here lies the remains of hard work and improvisation.

Future Robotisist?

Her name isn't Susan Calvin, but she sure can manage a robot!

Story 1

Every robot has a story. This one begins at an unsuspecting concessions stand.

Story 2

At first, the robot seemed misguided--no operator in sight. . .

Story 3

. . . but then its mission becomes clear. Refreshments are desired by its operators!

Story 4

It can be assumed that upon its return to its origin, this story had a happy ending!

Finals Announced

Several live feeds from the scoring computers to the projection screens kept teams up to date.

Awards 1

Each team receives a plaque for their participation in HL BEST. Trophies are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in the BEST and Game Awards.

Awards 2

Special awards are given to individual teams based on different criteria (the acrylic plaques).

Awards 3

HL BEST awarded The Asimov Award in 2006, honoring the history of robotics and the attention it has gained in pop culture. A clock, trophy, and a first edition paperback of I, Robot was awarded to Stillwater Homeschool for best adhering to the "laws of robotics."