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PLEASE NOTE: By filling out this official registration form you are agreeing to participate in Heartland BEST and understand that coach and team attendance at the events posted below is mandatory for your team to compete. 


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for these important dates!


Saturday, September 16

Mall Day:  

Saturday, October 14

Game Day: 

Saturday, October 28

Heartland BEST will support up to 20 teams in 2017 

You will be notified when your team has been successfully registered or is on the waiting list (based on a first-come, first-served policy).

Registering teams that have not turned back the returnable kits from the previous year's competition by May 15th can still register for the 2017 competition.  However, only new kit items will be furnished to those teams.  Teams not returning their kits by May 15 will have to use remaining kit parts from the previous year's kit.  Teams will still have to return the carry cases.  If carry cases are not returned, the BEST score for the upcoming season will be impacted.  This is to promote the re-use of expensive equipment and to help Heartland BEST continue to be a BEST hub.  We REALLY want your team to be a part of Heartland BEST again and for Heartland BEST to be successful in the future--so please help us by turning back your returnable kits!!! 


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If you are having difficulties submitting this form, please print out this form and send the completed information to:

Heartland BEST


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