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If you are looking for answers to particular questions regarding the game or game specific rules, visit the official BRI Q&A page.  A password will be needed to access the Q&A until all hubs have had their Kickoff (you will be given the password on the day of Kickoff).  Once all hubs have had their Kickoff, then the Q&A will not require a password.  Changes to the rules are announced there and will not be reflected in the Game Files posted below.  So really, it's not only helpful--it's important to check the Q&A page.  That said, please read the both sets of rules below carefully before posting a new question.


Nearby Hubs

    Oklahoma BEST (Edmond, OK)

    Kansas BEST (Wichita, KS)

    Frontier Trails BEST -- our regional hub (Ft. Smith, AR)



2007 Game Files (for reference only, these change each year)

    General Rules (.pdf)

    Game Specific rules (.pdf)

    Kit Notes (.pdf)

    Kit Returnable Parts (.pdf)

    Kit Consumable Parts (.pdf)

    Official Q&A



BEST Links on the Web

    BEST Inc.

    BEST Yahoo Group for teachers

    BEST Yahoo Group



Subjects of Interest


    Create Gear Templates!

    Units/Dimensions of Physical Quantities

    Droid Logic

    Google SketchUp (build a 3D robot!)


Kit Equipment Details

    Small Globe Motor Specs

    Large Globe Motor Specs

    Servo Specs