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Welcome to the Northwestern Oklahoma State University online Faculty Senate.  Below are some links that will take you to our Meeting Minutes and to other off-site links pertaining to Faculty Senate concerns.  Thank you for visiting.

Academic Year 2009-2010

Senate Officers:

Senate Membership:

Term Expires
Kent, Cheryl Extended Campuses (Enid and Woodward)
(580) 213-3159 ckkent@nwosu.edu January 2011
Schmaltz, Eric At-Large History, Ploitical Science, Criminal Justice, Social Work Library
(580) 327-8526 ejschmaltz@nwosu.edu January 2012
Nutter, Mary Ellen Professional Studies
(580) 327-8458 menutter@nwosu.edu January 2011
McAlpin, Jeff Arts and Sciences
(580) 327-8517 jdmcalpin@nwosu.edu January 2011
Thompson, Steve At-Large Math, Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
(580) 327-8566 sdthompson@nwosu.edu January 2012
Petree, Sandra At-Large English, Foreign Language, Humanities, Mass Communications, Speech, Music
(580) 327-8428 skpetree@nwosu.edu January 2012
Sneary, Karen Professional Studies
(580) 327-8509 kasneary@nwosu.edu January 2011
Barrows, Steve At-Large Education, Psychology
(580) 327-8103 sdbarrows@nwosu.edu January 2012
Roark, Dana At-Large Business, E-Commerce
(580) 327-8512 dkroark@nwosu.edu January 2012
Brintnall, Sheila Arts and Sciences
(580) 327-8582 skbrintnall@nwosu.edu January 2011
Hardaway, Roger At-Large (580) 327-8520 rdhardaway@nwosu.edu January 2012
Newly Adopted Amendments

Article II.  Section 3. Senate Membership:  The membership shall be limited to eleven members:  two from the School of Arts and Sciences (elected by the faculty members of that school stationed on the Alva campus), two from the School of Professional Studies (elected by the faculty members of that school stationed on the Alva campus), one from the extended campuses (elected by the faculty members stationed at those campuses), and six elected at-large by all faculty members.  Only full-time faculty members eligible for election to the Faculty Senate shall be allowed to vote in any Faculty Senate election.  Senators representing the two schools and the extended campuses shall be elected in December of even-numbered years for terms of office that begin in January of odd-numbered years.  Senators representing the faculty at-large shall be elected in December of odd-numbered years for terms of office that begin in January of even-numbered years.

Article II.  Section 7.  Vacancies:  Vacancies shall occur in the Faculty Senate when senators vacate their seats for any reason prior to the expiration of their terms in office.  Elections to fill vacancies shall be held as soon after the vacancies occur as is practicable.  Senators elected to fill vacancies shall serve only until the expiration of the original terms of the senators they are replacing.  Faculty members eligible to run for vacancies and to vote in elections to fill vacancies shall be determined (as stated in Article II, Section 3 of the Faculty Senate Constitution) according to the nature of the vacancies being filled.

Minutes of the NWOSU Faculty Senate Meetings

October 23, 2002

November 13, 2002

January 30, 2003

February 18, 2003

Archived Minutes

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