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Employee Handbook

02-23-11  Modified description of Internal Posting Policy for openings. 

12-20-10  Section 4.13 Inserted instructions for returning keys when no longer needed or when leaving NW, and for requiring return of the key before refunding key loss fee.

11-30-10  Updated Nondiscrimination Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action Policy to include "genetic information."  Section 1.5 now includes language about how state law prohibits NWOSU from encumbering funds beyond the current fiscal year.  Throughout the Handbook, inserted language about how exceptions due to promises and representations made by the President must be in writing.  2.6  now includes sick leave in 2nd paragraph.  Section 3.2 Inserted "including dismissal" in 1st paragraph and "disciplinary action, including" in 2nd paragraph.  Section 3.6 Inserted "paid" in 1st sentence.  Sections 4.8 and 4.9 Inserted "Nothing in this Handbook establishes the right of a former employee to be re-employed..."  Added new section 4.15 on Privacy.  Section 5.1.1 Inserted "Coverage is governed by the policy..." 

Section 5.2.5 Inserted "Pre-retirees expecting to have health and dental coverage after retirement must..."  Section 6.5 Lost and Found is now located at Alva Campus Police Office.  Section 7.4 Inserted "Before engaging in political activities employees should be aware..."  Section 7.5 Inserted "Employees may not use University or State supplies or resources in the course of any outside employment."  Section 7.6  Inserted "Employees choosing to make statements to the media should do so in a manner which does not imply,..., that the employee is speaking for..."  Section 8.1 Inserted "is usually the first step in discipline procedure..."  Section 8.2  Deleted "If the employee receives three written warnings...termination."  Section 8.4.2 Inserted "For removing part-time employees from the payroll,..."  Chapter 9 1st paragraph, deleted, " policy has been developed...."

10-18-10  Section 4.13 Specified which employee in Maintenance is responsible for checking University keys in and out.  Section 4.14 Changed parking permit "tag" to parking permit "sticker."  Section 5.3 Exchanged U.S. Savings Bonds for Option Voluntary Life Insurance.  Changed LTD "Buy-Down" to "Buy-Up."  Section 6.5 Changed location of Lost and Found from Student Affairs Office to Campus Police Office.

07-22-09  Updated 5.2.2  NW now "picks up" all OTR contributions due for faculty and staff.  5.2.3  Deleted description of discontinued TIAA-CREF employer-paid 403b program. 

04-24-09 Updated NW 10.3 Military Leave Policy for changes made to RUSO Policy.  5.1.1 Removed pre-existing conditions language.  5.2.5 Retiree Insurance program change to exclude those hired 7-1-09 or later.  5.3 Added 2 new allowed withholdings.  5.4 Worker's Comp law now allows University to pick the "first responder" employee should see when hurt on-the-job, unless emergency. 

04-24-09  5.1.2 Updated g.t.l. face value formula.  5.2.2 NW now "picks up" OTR contributions due on contributable salary exceeding $5,000.  Defined "contributable salary" to include irregular wages.  6.1 Removed wording regarding school nurse services.  6.3 Updated instructions for new hire.  6.6 Deleted reference to school nurse.  8.4.2 Inserted language giving University right to retrieve overpayment to employee.  9.1 Corrected who will assign vehicles.  Clarified language re:  $25 meals.

04-01-09 Revised Affirmative Action Statement.

01-16-09 Revision to FMLA.

01-11-08  Updated Chapter 9 travel procedures.

11-26-07  Revised Section 7.5:  Outside Employment.

10-25-07  Created Section 7.11:  Visitors and Children in the Workplace.

09-20-07  Updated 5.2.2 to reflect new NWOSU policy increasing employer-paid OTRS contribution ("employer pick-up").

09-20-07  Updated Section 9.4 for new official travel procedures, utilizing Agile Fleet Commander system.

06-21-07  Updated Section 6.4 to reflect new NWOSU e-mail usage policy.

02-21-07 Updated Section 5.2.2 to reflect new NWOSU policy increasing employer-paid OTRS contributions ("employer pick-up").

02-21-07 Updated Section 10.5.4:  OTRS sick leave policy grants one service year credit for 120 unused days at retirement time.

02-19-07 Section 1.1 change:  Specifies location of internal postings.

02-7-07 Updated Section 5.2.5 for RUSO revision in Retiree Insurance policy.  (Only applies to employees hired into RUSO university before 7-1-2009.)

06-14-06 Updated Section 7.8 and Section 9 to reflect current policy.

04-1-06 Changed 3.1 official work week definition.  Added ability of University President to vary official work hours by campus.

02-7-06 Section 1.1--changed five days to three days for internal postings.

12-20-05 Change:  Section 10.1.1--added words "without pay" to modify "suspension."  Changed "layoff" to "financial retrenchment."

08-25-05 Change:  Section 7.2--deleted wording "with the exception of private dorm rooms." 

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