Rules and Requirements

  - Captains are responsible for making sure you have players on your team that will follow the rules. Also the captains are responsible for reading these rules to his or her players.

  - If you have any problems with officials or any appeals from a game they can be heard first, by the Director of Intramurals and then taken up with the Office of Student Affairs

  -University employees are eligible to play

- Must be enrolled in at least 6 hrs of undergrad or 5 hrs of grad (1/2 time student) each semester to be eligible to play.

  -  There are 6 players on the court at one time.

  -  You can not start before the whistle starts. If a player does the first time it will be a warning and restart, if it happens again then the opposite team will be allotted all of the balls to start the game.

  -  When an official calls you out then you must leave the game without arguing.

  -  If you argue with an official he or she will be required to sit out the next game.

  Please watch your language, you will be warned by an official if you keep doing it then you will be asked to leave.

  -  You are out if the ball hits you at any point of your body ( the ball cannot hit the ground first )

  -   You are also out if the player from the opposite team catches the ball you threw.

  -   When a ball is caught a player from the opposite team that is out is allowed to comeback into the game.

  - You must have the player you want to comeback into the game by the line official, if not then he or she can not comeback into the game.

  - If two people are hit and the ball is not caught, the first person to be hit is out.

  - If you cross the center line or the out of bounds lines then you are out.

  - If you jump and throw the ball before you cross the line then the ball is still live and if you comeback down out then you are out

  -  Each team must win 3 out of 5 games to win the match.

  - If you have to leave the game because of excessive warnings then that player has to sit out the next game his or her team plays.

  -  If you are suspended from a game for fighting you are also suspended for the season in that sport.

  -  No more that four ex-athletes per team. That includes baseball, basketball, and football players.*


   -  You are allowed four current/ex-college athletes per team which means

           a.  If you have played any varsity athletics for any college or university such as football, basketball, baseball, etc…. any where in the nation. Then you are considered an ex-college athlete.

           b. All other players on the team must sign a form saying that they are not an ex-athlete. If we find out this is not true then all games that person played in will be forfeits and that person may be removed from intramurals.

 -  Team must be 10 minutes early to sign in.

a.       The first game you play you must bring your student ID or you can not play.  There will be an official that will sign you in.  After the first time you will just have to sign in, but you do not have to bring you ID.


-       -  The schedule will not be changed in any way unless you give the Intramural Director 72 hours notice, and if team does not show up then team will forfeit.


-      There will be a fee assessed to the manager if team forfeits games.

a.       1 forfeit – penalty is a warning

b.      2 forfeits – penalty is a $20 fine

c.       3 forfeits – penalty is another $20 fine

d.      4 forfeits – penalty is another $20 fine

e.       5 forfeits – team will not be allowed to play any more games for the duration of the season.

 -  Entry fee for team is $40.  If your team captain attends the meeting your team will receive a $20 waiver.  Your roster entry fee must be turned in before the first game.  The entry fee will be paid at the Student office in F.A. 126.  You can leave it with him or an assistant. If you do not pay you team fee your team will not play, and forfeit fees will be assessed.