Rules and Requirements

  - Captains are responsible for making sure you have players on your team that will follow the rules. Also the captains are responsible for reading these rules to his or her players.

   - If you have any problems with officials or any appeals from a game they can be heard first, by the Director of Intramurals and then taken up with the Dean of Student Affairs

   -  University employees are eligible to play

   -   Must be enrolled in at least 6 hours of undergrad or 5 hours of grad (1/2 time student) each semester to be eligible to play.

  -  Eighty-yard field – every twenty yards is a first down – four plays to get a first down

  -  Eight offensive players and eight defensive players on the field at a time.

  -  Two – Twenty minute halves

a.       time runs continuous – first half

b.     The clock starts and stops at regular times in the last two minutes of second half

c.       clock stops on time outs

d.      two time outs per half 

        - Kick off, must be either kicked or punted

         -  The Ball is dead when it hits the ground, and it will be spotted at the point of contact with the ground, so there are no fumbles or onside kicks.

  -     Penalties

          a.       Flag Guarding – five yard penalty when occurred

                                      i.      Flag Guarding occurs when player intentionally prevents opposing player from grabbing the flag by using his or her hands, elbows, shoulder, and ball.*

           b.      Holding – five yard penalty from line of scrimmage

                                       i.      Holding occurs when player is extending arms out and grabbing the defensive player.*

            c.       Pass Interference – fifteen yard penalty and automatic first down

            d.      Tackling – fifteen yard penalty and a warning

            e.       Unsportsmanlike Conduct – fifteen yard penalty and player gets a warning

            f.        Arguing with referees – fifteen yard penalty and player gets a warning

           g.   If you are caught pulling flags off of opponents who are not carrying the ball then it is a 15 yard penalty

           h.   Bull Rushing ( running full speed at someone who is blocking and trying to knock them out of the way ) is a 15 yard penalty. You have to make an effort to go around the person.

     - If a player gets warned twice that player must leave the game.  If the same player gets warned twice in another occurrence during the season that player not eligible to play for the rest of the school semester.

   -   If you have to leave the game because of excess warnings then that player has to sit out the next game his team plays

      -    If you are suspended from a game for fighting you are also suspended for the season in that sport

  -  Flags must be worn outside shirts if not, team will be warned once, if it     happens again that player is down were he touches the ball.

      -      All extra points are two point conversions

   -  Overtime:  Each team get four plays from the twenty yard line to score one time, plus a conversion try.

  -   Entry fee for team is $40.  If your team captain attends the meeting your team will receive a $20 waiver.  Your roster entry fee must be turned in before the first game.  The entry fee will be paid at the Office of Student Services in F.A. 126.  You can leave it with him or an assistant. If you do not pay you team fee your team will not play.

       -     Team must be 10 minutes early to sign in.

a.       The first game you play you must bring your student ID or you can not play.  There will be an official that will sign you in.  After the first time you will just have to sign in, but you do not have to bring you ID.

b.  The schedule will not be changed in any way unless you give the Intramural Director 72 hours notice, and if team does not show up then team will forfeit.

  -  There will be a $ 20 penalty for forfeiting a game due to a lack of players.

a.       1st time the manager is warned.

b.      2nd time the manager will be charged $20.

c.       3rd time the manager will be charged another $20.

d.      4th time the manager will be charged another $20

e.       5 or more times the team will be dropped from the schedule

         -  The ex-athlete rule pertains to any person who has played varsity or junior varsity football at any college or university at any time.

a.       2010-2011 Active red-shirts are also not eligible to play flag football.

b.      If you are on the roster you are not eligible to play even if you quit.

                                                i.      If asked about playing and you are not truthful of your status you will not be allowed to play intramural sports for the rest of the semester.

c.     Professional Athletes are also not eligible to play.

d.  You may have one ex-athlete per team and no more than two ex-athletes will be permitted to play; however the games they play in will be forfeits.

 e.  All other players on the team must sign a form saying that they are not an ex-athlete. If we find out this is not true then all games that person played in will be forfeits and that person may be removed from intramurals.