FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                              March 23, 2004





Nominations for the John Barton Distinguished Teaching and Service Award are now being accepted until Friday, March 26, in the Northwestern Foundation office. 

            Barton retired from Northwestern as a professor in the speech department and as a campus administrator. His example of service, distinguished teaching and administrative leadership will be the criteria emulated by the recipient of this prestigious award.

            To be considered, candidates must be full time employees of Northwestern with at least a one-half time teaching load and must demonstrate excellent teaching qualities.  Candidates also must amplify service to Northwestern and the community, or as a member of local, state and national organizations.

            Nomination forms are available in the Northwestern Foundation office or nominations may be submitted via e-mail at

            After all nominations are received, a follow-up questionnaire will be sent to the nominees for application purposes.  Nominees must also submit their teaching philosophy (one page) and a resume.  Three letters of recommendation also are required:  one faculty, one student, and one other.  A committee comprised of various campus representatives will select the recipient.


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