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Thirty patrons of the Northwestern Oklahoma State Northwestern’s booth at the Woods County Fair was the hub of activity during the three day run Sept. 8-10. Faculty and staff visited with numerous fairgoers while student-athletes from the football and basketball teams visited and signed autographs. Student nurses also provided free blood pressure checks on Thursday.University booth at the Woods County Fair have won prizes donated by a variety of entities at the university. Those winners who have not yet picked up their prizes may do so at the University Relations Office in Room 111 of Vinson Hall.

Recipients of subscriptions to the Northwestern News will automatically begin receiving the newspaper.  Northwest Oklahoma Concert Series season tickets and homecoming buttons are not yet available and the winners will be notified when they arrive.

Winners listed by day are:

Thursday—Dwight Little, one-year subscription to the Northwestern News; Wanita Wanger, men’s basketball T-shirt; Jackie Sherrell, Northwestern water bottle; Connie Phillips; women’s basketball T-shirt; Julie Buckley, concert series tickets; J. Rhodes – “Ride, Rangers, Ride” T-Shirt; Margarete Haltom, sleeve of Ranger golf balls; Stephen Fox, “Ride, Rangers, Ride” T-shirt; Tony Bouziden, homecoming button; Lorraine Case, Northwestern centennial cookbook.

            Friday—Beth Fox, women’s basketball T-shirt; JamiStudents-athletes from the Ranger football team, as well as both the men's and women's basketball teams, spent some time visiting with fans and signing autographs at Northwestern's booth at the Woods County Fair. After leaving finishing their shift at the table, men's basketball team players Henry Morris, LaRon Bradley and Tramain Davis (at right) receive autograph photos from football players B.J. Taylor and Tony Hatfield.e Dickey, men’s basketball T-shirt;Rick Kornele, Northwestern centennial cookbook; Verl Sargent, “Ride, Rangers, Ride” T-shirt; John White, football T-shirt; Jeanene Hofen, one-year subscription to the Northwestern News;Heather Golbek; concert series tickets; Tim Flying Out, homecoming button; Judy Potter, Northwestern history book.

Saturday—Marilyn Dietz, “Ride, Rangers, Ride” T-shirt; Kiera Brunson, Northwestern centennial cookbook; Sue Litton, T-shirt from Northwestern Bookstore; Elaine Trekell, “Ride, Rangers, Ride” T-shirt; Lucille Johnson, one-year subscription to the Northwestern News; Betty McMurphy, visor from Northwestern Bookstore; Jay Tyree, “Learning and Leadership for Life” T-shirt; Brandy Jones, one-year membership in Alumni Association; Jana Bagley, sleeve of Ranger golf balls; Donna Smith, concert series tickets; Harlan Duncan, Homecoming button.


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