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William Madison "Matt" Adair, a 2005 Northwestern Oklahoma State University graduate, has been hired as the director for his alma mater's Office of Recruitment.

            Adair began his duties June 28 and said his first priority is to familiarize himself with everything his "qualified and talented staff" does every day.

Matt Adair (far right) joins the recruitment staff at Northwestern Oklahoma State University as its new director. Other staff members include Amanda Haynes (left) and Travis Biaggi (standing), both admissions counselors/recruiters and DeeDee Miller, office manager.

            "I want to know the process inside and out," Adair said.

            Something he already knows inside and out is college life in Alva.

            Adair said he had a wonderful college experience and met many of his best friends during that time.

            "I don't think anywhere but Northwestern would have been the choice for me," he said.

            The new director's alumnus status is something his staff thinks will benefit the recruitment team.

            Travis Biaggi, admissions counselor/recruiter, served on the interview committee for the director’s position.

            "There is a level of passion involved in this job," Biaggi said. "Matt's level of passion is higher because he experienced Northwestern."

            Amanda Haynes, admissions counselor/recruiter, also is a member of Adair's staff and served on the interview committee. She agreed Adair has a good perspective for recruitment because he lived campus life.

            "Matt has already brought energy and excitement," Haynes said.

            In addition to his new job, Adair is excited about his recent marriage.

            "It gives me the greatest feeling. I'm constantly smiling."

            He and his wife, Kasey (Krows) of Seiling, were married May 27. Kasey is on track to graduate with a biology degree from Northwestern in May 2007.

            After his December 2005 graduation with a degree in mass communications, Adair worked as sports director and a morning DJ for an area radio station. His work in radio took him all over Northwest Oklahoma.

            Adair grew up in Waynoka and said this part of the state will always be home.

            He and Kasey are living in Alva and plan to buy a house here in the future. He intends to pursue his master's degree and help his wife toward her goal of working in physical therapy.

            Adair said it's the people in this part of the state and at Northwestern who make the difference and make Northwestern a great choice for students.

            "The faculty, staff and administration—everyone wants to shake your hand and make sure you get the most out of the college experience."

            Adair is now the one with his hand extended ready to continue the one-on-one interaction he experienced as a Northwestern Ranger.

            The new director said the most important job of the recruitment office is customer service to the students. Almost equally important is to increase the number of students who get to experience college at Northwestern.

            Adair said he and his staff also will focus on retention, recruiting from other states and countries, and will be working with Student Services on an enrollment management plan.

            As he makes the transition from Northwestern graduate to Northwestern director of recruitment, Adair said he is looking forward to getting more involved in the community.

            "Everything I do everyday is new, and I love that feeling," Adair said. "I'll be here as long as they'll have me."


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