FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                    April 9, 2007


            Members of Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s Collegiate Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers (YF&R) organization recently spent some time with students at Alva’s Washington Elementary School to celebrate National Agriculture Week.

Northwestern agriculture students Duke Nunley (left) and Brandon McCamey help students in Shannon Vore's pre-kindergarten afternoon class get a glimpse of what it must be like to drive their tractors around the barnyard. The Northwestern students read to the students recently during National Agriculture Week. Teacher's aide Lori Snow also watches as the kids march around the room.

            The YF&R members and their sponsor Steve Sneary, Northwestern agriculture department farm manager, read books to the students in Shannon Vore’s pre-kindergarten afternoon class to accurately explain the way a seed is grown, and what it is like to drive a tractor.

            Sneary said that while the students listened to the words in the book “I Drive a Tractor,” the students participated in an action-packed way by climbing the steps, buckling their safety belt, scooping dirt, lifting hay and even hooking up their plow. Next, they drove their noisy tractor through the barnyard (classroom) and parked it in the shed (desk) where they inspected it before putting it up for the night.

            Sneary also said Northwestern students helped the youngsters identify farm ingredients that make a pizza and related these products back to their origin (for example, cow-milk-cheese).

            Northwestern students participating included Tyler Classen, Fairview sophomore; Matt Campbell, Arnett sophomore; Darin Frech, Fairview freshman; Mary Jackson, Ringwood sophomore; Brandon McCamey, Enid sophomore; Jamie McIntire, Pawhuska sophomore; Duke Nunley, Marlow freshman; Jason Seifried, Canton junior; Marcy VenJohn, Ingalls, Kan., senior; and Kelly Whetstone, Springer sophomore.


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