FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                        September 4, 2008


Democracy Now, under the umbrella of the State Regents of Higher Education Campus Compact grant program, has formed as a local, non-partisan service learning project organized and coordinated by a class of government students at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

These students welcome members of the university, their families and surrounding community residents to attend a series of election forums to be held in the seven weeks preceding the National Nov. 4 General Election.

Through this Campus Compact grant program, these Democracy Now government students already have been quite busy conducting weekly, non-partisan voter registration drives around campus and in the community that will continue through Oct. 10. In addition, these hard-working students will host seven non-partisan, panel-style forums on issues of interest they believe are pertinent to the presidential election and the election process. 

The election forum schedule is as follows:

All forums will take place at 6:30 p.m., each Tuesday prior to the November election, in Room 109 of the Education Center at Northwestern. Different panelists with different perspectives over the course of these seven weeks will contribute to the overall Democracy Now effort, which is to invigorate community dialogue and participation in the upcoming Presidential election.

Panelists include members of Northwestern’s own faculty, who are volunteering for this student-led effort, as well as Democracy Now students. Two nationally renowned political scholars, Kenneth Dautrich and David Yaloff, also will be on hand to offer evaluation and analysis via video conferencing during at least three of these scheduled forums.  Questions from all community members in attendance will be welcomed at each of these forum events, during scheduled question and answer sessions.

Each forum should last approximately one hour.

“These forums and the panelists involved are completely non-partisan, yet promise to offer rigorous, interesting, and hopefully provocative insight on what is proving to be a most historic, and critical Presidential election,” said Kathleen O’Halleran, instructor of political science/geography.

“We hope the community will be able to attend each of these events, and the government students involved in this Democracy Now non-partisan grant program thank you for the encouragement and support.”

For more information about these election forums, contact O’Halleran at (580) 327-8519 or



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