Have questions about the CD Challenge?

Want to participate but need more information?

Interested in donating unused or unwanted CD's for our cause?


Don't hesitate to contact us!

Contact Office Location Phone Number Email
Steve Maier SC 107 327 - 8562 
Steve Thompson SC 201B 327 - 8566
Tim Maharry SH 220 327 - 8583



Without the help and support of others associated with NWOSU and beyond, we would not be able to organize this event.  Therefore, we would like to acknowledge and give special thanks to:

NWOSU's Presidential Partners (providing team award funding)
NWOSU's Student Government Association (SGA) (providing operating costs in our first few years)
Ted Robinson of Chartwell's Food Service (permitting the use of Coronado Cafe)
KNID of Enid, OK (donating CD's)
The Senior Net User Group of OKC PC Users Group (donating CD's)

All of the faculty who have donated their time and expertise in reviewing drafts of rules and for judging and all of the several individuals who have donated their old/unwanted CD's for this event.


Our policy on donated CD's:

    To eliminate the potential for any violation of privacy or copyright, all donated CD's are destroyed by sanding the data side with coarse sandpaper.  This is done before the CD's are grouped for distribution to teams.  CD's not used in competition for the current year are saved for future competitions.