Background Information

 The CD Challenge is an annual event held at NWOSU sponsored by NWOSU Presidential Partners.  The event is organized by Science and Math faculty.


A group working on their tower


    Each year, the science and math faculty at NWOSU organize a "CD Challenge" for interested student organizations and student groups.  The challenge is to use old and unwanted CD's and basic materials to build a structure in an atmosphere of friendly competition.  The specific challenge rules are different each year and are not revealed to students until a few weeks before the competition date.


The Judges


    Judges are selected from interested faculty and the judging criteria is set up to be as objective as possible.  As veterans of the CD Challenge might tell you, carefully reading and a thorough understanding of the rules are very important. . .

    For our debut year, the challenge was to build a CD Tower (2001), followed by the CD Bridge (2003), CD Ramp (2004), and then CD Pulley (2005).

  The challenge is different each year with different rules, judging criterion, and building/material constraints.  Each structure is scored based on the criterion decided on for that year's competition and carry a monetary award.