The Facility

        The SLL Observatory continues to grow as we complete and take on projects (see our projects page for more information).  Currently, the site has one 10' electrically driven dome and one 12' dome.  There are six insulated buildings on site: 2 bunk houses (with air conditioner units and refrigerators), 1 classroom, 1 storage building and 2 bathrooms.  The doublewide trailer on site has electricity, air conditioning and running water.  The SLL Observatory has purchased a 12" Meade LX200 with onboard computer and CCD camera equipment.  Telescopes received by donation include a 12" Newtonian, a 19" Dobsonian, a 5" refractor, and five 10" Dobsonian scopes with Intelliscope (great for group programs).  The Meade is housed in the electrically driven 10'6" dome, while the Newtonian is mainly brought out for display and use on the amateur's observing pad.  The 19" Dobsonian and the refractor are both under repair. 

    The domes rest on a length of reinforced concrete (positioned E - W) with electrical outlets providing power for inside and outside of the domes.  The 10'6" dome (Ash Dome) pictured to the left in the photo below has an isolated pier, to which the Meade is mounted for polar alignment.  The dome to the right is an Observadome, donated to SLL.

The SLL Observatory    The SLL Observatory

    The 8' x 8' display is anchored in-between the two domes and has been designed to house an easily assembled collapsible viewing screen.  The screen may be inserted on either side of the display.  For larger groups and/or less than ideal observing conditions, this screen will be used to project images as seen through the Meade and to project astronomy presentations.

The SLL Observatory

    The amateur's pad is simply a length of concrete running parallel to and located just to the south of the domes with access to electrical outlets so that participants of programs may power electrically driven telescopes and peripherals.

    Several picnic tables have also been acquired to better manage larger groups for programs and workshops.