The following images were taken using digital cameras (handheld/SLR, Meade CCD, or a web cam).  As a general rule, the Meade CCD images are in black and white.  For more information about the images below, feel free to contact us.

The SLL Observatory:

Bunks, classroom, and domes.8' x 8' screen frame with collapsable screen insertThe observer's padPhyrnosoma cornutumThe OK state reptile: the collared lizard;  Crotophytus collarisWhere is the location of the observatory in this image?


M104M104M66M51Sombrero Galaxy




M57 (the Ring Nebula in Lyra)NGC6445M27 (the Dumbbell Nebula in Vulpecula)


JupiterJupiter"Close up" of JupiterSaturn:  Look at those rings!Uranus and some of its satellitesNeptune and TritonEarth's MoonEarth's Moon


Mizar (binary)(binary)(binary)(binary)


Friendly guests from the 5th grade Woodward Middle School:

group photogroup photogroup photo

During their visit, a total of 81 people (students, parents, and teachers) received an introduction to the SLL Observatory, a tour of the facility, and the chance to view objects in the sky.  Objects observed included M13 (the great globular cluster of Hercules, M31 (Andromeda galaxy), M57 (the ring nebula of Lyra), Vega, and the Moon at varying degrees of magnification.  Thank you for coming out and asking so many great questions!