Paul Barby distributes Sky Charts that highlight observable constellations.    The display being demonstrated using astronomy software.

    As the SLL Observatory becomes more established, more requests for programs held are made.  Currently, the number of programs per month ranges from one to ten.  The participants typically include the general public and interested education groups (Boy Scouts, 4-H, Conservancy educators, OK public school and university students).  These programs are usually made by arrangement, but some are announced to the public via email (the SLL Observers email list) and notifying local newspapers of upcoming events.  To be added to the SLL Observers, send an email with a request.

    To schedule a program for a specific group, please contact Steve Maier by phone (580) 327-8562 or email.  Two weeks notice for programs is appreciated. 

    If you are interested in becoming involved in the observatory by assisting and/or leading programs yourself, please contact us--we'd love to have more people involved!


--Please be mindful of others using telescopes and turn your car lights down to parking lights before turning into the parking lot.

--Please leave your vehicle parked in the parking lot; those who need to pull up to dome for assistance are welcome to do so, however there is limited space for vehicles beyond the parking area.

--Dress in layers; it gets damp/cool with the evening breeze and dew.  Full length jeans are recommended as are close-toe shoes.

--As always, drive carefully.  Access to the observatory is by dirt road and drivers should stay alert of wildlife.

--If you need a map to the site, please send an email.

--Bring bug repellent.