Below is a chronological listing (in reverse order) of the ongoing projects at the SLL Observatory.


To make contributions, obtain more information, or to share your ideas as to how to assist with projects associated with the observatory, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Projects completed: Date:  
Fire pit 2008 Situated just south of the observers pad, there are also movable benches to accommodate groups around a campfire.
Piers on observers pad are painted 2007 Primed and painted, these piers are now suited to stand the test of time.
Picnic pavilion 2007 Located toward the south east of the domes.  This pavilion is large enough to provide shelter for 2-3 of our picnic tables.
Refrigerators for bunkhouses 2006 Each bunkhouse now has a refrigerator to help accommodate large groups staying multiple days.
Rock garden at entrance 2006 Made from local limestone, this rock boundary surrounds the flagpoles.
Flagpole installation 2006 At the entrance of SLL, there are now five flagpoles for the national, state and participating institutional flags.
Additional storage building 2006 Similar to the other buildings, this storage building is toward the west.
Entrance gate 2006 This gate completes a nice fence line extending along the parking area.
Tornado damaged buildings repaired 2006 Late October, 2005, an F1 tornado lifted the west bunkhouse and placed it in the western side of the classroom building.  Repairs were made to each of the buildings.
ADA compliant restroom 2006 Complete with shower and water heater.
Running water / septic system 7/2005 Access to drinking water for emergencies and restrooms.
Doublewide trailer 2005 For curator/program leader.  Also to serve as a mess hall.
Polar alignment of 12" Meade 2004 Permits better long-term exposure imaging using CCD cameras and reduces set up time for programs (not to mention greater precision).
More telescopes 2004 Five 10" Dobsonians (Orion Intelliscopes for public use)
Pier mount for 12" Meade 3/2004 No more tripod legs to step over!  Now for polar alignment . . .
Observer pad piers 3/2004 Six piers added to the pad.  Two set low for children and wheelchair accessibility.  One with mounted wedge.
Install air conditioners in buildings 3/2004 One unit in need of repair. . .
Electricity to buildings 2003 Separate 200A box installed for any future construction.
"SLL Observers" email list begins 8/2003 Email announcements of SLL public programs are sent out to members of this list.  To be added, send an email.
SLL Observatory entrance sign 4/2003 Welcome to the SLL Observatory!
Men's / Women's bunk house 4/2003 Ample space for 12 adults in each bunk house.
Classroom 4/2003 Several workstations and sizeable open area for tables and chairs.
Men's / Women's bathrooms 4/2003 Significant space for full bathrooms.
Seating (picnic tables) 2003 12 in all; solid metal frame and pressure treated lumber benches and tabletop.
SLL Website 2/2003 Bare bones, but up and running!
Gypsum parking lot 2003 Large enough to allow a bus to turn around.
Observadome installation 9/2002 Casters still in need of repair.
Construction of Projection Screen 2/2002 First two attempts blown down by OK wind!
Working electricity to main pad 9/2001 Ash Dome now electrically driven!
Electrical wiring to main pad 8/2001 Outlets in place and ready for use.
Gypsum "pavement" at site 8/2001 For improved access to the domes.
Observer's pad 8/2001 Single 15' x 30' slab, 6" deep.
Ash Dome installation 6/2001 Two day project with much help.
Electricity to building site 2001 For future structures and power for tools.
Main pad for domes 5/2001 With electrical conduit, sound concrete footing, and sections isolated to diminish vibrations reaching mounted telescopes
Purchase of 12" Meade LX200 2001 With CCD camera, on board computer, tripod and wedge.



Projects not yet completed: Contact us if you or your group would like to help with a project.
Amphitheater seating Just to the north of the projection screen.
Paint projection screen This project has been put on hold--the Oklahoma wind has demonstrated its weathering capabilities!  The screen is now slated to be removed.
Restoration of 5" refractor  
Wind blockade For the observer's pad; 6' - 8' tall stockade or dog-eared fencing.
Cast iron artwork Scale model of planetary system to be place along EW21 westbound from route 50 to the observatory.
Paint picnic tables Protective stain to prolong life.
Construction of supporting / decorative walls for projection screen This project is currently tabled.

Lighted walkway from parking to domes

Needs to be dim but bright enough for people to find their way easily to domes.


To serve as a functional sculpture at the observatory.